Computer Engineering

Head Of Department

The department was established in 1991 for Diploma in Computer Engineering. As technology develop in leaps and bounds, the opportunities for expanding the field of Computing grow even more rapidly. The three year Diploma Course in Computer Engineering gives a foundation in computing and an understanding of the underlying engineering principles. The curriculum includes operating system, computer architecture, computer hardware, computer networks, data communication, microprocessors and micro-controllers, database management systems, web design and development, smart device (Android) programming, software engineering and programming languages like C, C++, Python, and Java etc. The department emphasizes on effective learning process that include

  • Visiting Faculty programmes for giving exposure to areas beyond syllabus
  • Finishing School Trainings for improving soft skills and technical ability of students so as to bridge the gap between industry and academic
  • Scholar Support programmes for supporting weak students in academic
  • Bridge Courses on prerequisite for engineering subjects, mini-project on application design & development, seminar and project based on latest tools and technologies.
  • The current approved intake of the department is 60 students.


To facilitate and transform the students to adapt rapidly changing technology in computer and allied domains with social commitment.


To provide quality education in Computer Engineering to meet the need of profession and society. Provide a learning environment to enhance problem solving skills, team spirit, leadership qualities, innovation and ethical responsibility.

The department is growing into a competent department with state of the art laboratory facilities, class rooms with projector facility and dedicated highly qualified experienced faculty. The faculty and technical staff members with a passion for teaching create innovative and effective teaching methods. The Association of Computer Engineering, “ACE” has been very dynamic with full participation of students of all semesters.


  • Software Laboratory is equipped to teach computer language like C, C++ &Java, DBMS, smart device programming
  • Hardware Laboratory is furnished to teach computer hardware fundamentals, assembling & computer networking
  • Common Computing Facility is established to meet the central computing requirements of faculty, staff and students of the college
  • Language Lab aims at facilitating the learners to gain mastery in the use of English. It enable students to expedite the process of improving learning skill with more emphasis on learning , speaking, reading and writing leading to desirable employability.


  Beena S
  Head of the Department

  Ph: 9446392568
  Binu R T
  Lecturer in Computer Engineering
  Ph: 8848110739
  Robert S
  Lecturer in Computer Engineering
  Ph: 9447910652
  Sibin S V
  Lecturer in Computer Engineering
  Ph: 9633064146
  Agoma Martin
  Lecturer in Computer Engineering
  Ph: 9497426923
  Shaeba C S
  Guest Lecturer in Computer Engineering
  Ph: 9995091097